Goodbye Old Blog !!

My old blog just wasn’t cutting it anymore … blurry photos, limited options, YUCK.  So I have moved on to bigger and better things.  Check out my new blog at

I have imported my old blog there so you can still find everything that was on here.  From now on all my new posts will be at the above link.   So re-save your bookmark, or add it to your google reader and I will see you there !!


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It’s their first family photos

*First of all i just want to apologize for the poor image quality in this post – something funky is going on with my blog and the resolution, which I am trying to sort out*

I was so honoured that Jadine contacted me and asked if I would be able to take her family’s first family photos together.   Here are just a few of my favourite images from our fun day at Beacon Hill Park.  Jadine and Clayton have two ADORABLE children.  Seriously with faces like those I’d be handing over puppies, ice cream … whatever they wanted, all the time!

Hope you love them!  I think this first one would be amazing on canvas 🙂


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Kickin it Old School

I really like the old school vibe of the post processing on this one.  Reminds me of a photo from long, long ago.

Krista, the beautiful bride, was in one of the old rooms in the house at the Overbury Resort on Thetis Island.  I could have spent the entire shoot in that room, it was just amazing with all the wood and vintage furniture and details.  Not to mention, lighting that photographers would kill for!

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Best wedding entrance ever !

I had to post this super cute wedding entrance.  Perhaps a little inspiration for the brides and grooms to be 😉  Enjoy ?!


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Spoiled Rotten !!

I have to say a quick thank you to my fabulous friends and clients Amanda and David.  I shot their wedding this past February (see pic below!) and I was so surprised to receive a couple of the most beautiful and delicious smelling candles EVER as a wedding gift from the two of them.

Thank you SO much !! I truly have the BEST clients !!

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Dana & Scott | Married !!

Stay tuned for more to come from this fabulous wedding that is so dear to my heart ….


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It was the second time I was fortunate enough to take this beautiful family’s photos.  And they are all beautiful !  One of the best looking families I have ever seen!  In fact I think they should all start modeling – well at least for me, I would like to keep the photographing pleasure of this gorgeous family all to myself  😉  Not only are they stunning, but they are so very sweet.  Despite the busy day they had planned for Paulo’s first birthday and baptism, mom and dad were cool as cucumbers – even with all of the family visiting from far far away!

I think mom and dad are going to have their hands full with these cuties 😉

It is always such a treat to work with your family and I truly look forward to our next session already.  It is a pleasure seeing your two beauties grow!

Here is just a little teaser …


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